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Weight Loss

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Everyone's body and relationship to food is different. To meet weight loss goals and maintain a healthy weight, a highly customized and comprehensive weight loss program is required. We offer solutions through our medical weight loss services.

These non-surgical weight loss programs are a combination of both clinical and lifestyle support. It is customized for every patient's needs. Our experienced staff will discuss your weight loss goals through detailed consultations and devise a plan that aligns with your desired weight loss goals. As part of our service for medical weight loss in Queen Creek, AZ and surrounding areas, patients can choose between various weight loss methods.



Phentermine is another medical weight loss program that combines specific doctor-approved exercises, behavioral changes, a low-calorie diet, and the use of a well known medication called Phentermine that has been in medical use since the 1950’s.

This type of weight loss plan is generally prescribed for overweight people who struggle with obesity and obesity-related medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Depending on the weight loss goal, this medication can be taken once a day (before breakfast) or 1-2 hours after breakfast. Your provider will provide specific instructions on when and how to take your medication as well as when to time meals. Your individual dosage and length of treatment will be customized to you and is based not only on your desired weight loss but also on your medical conditions and your response to this treatment.

Weight loss in patients has resulted in a significant decrease in waist circumference, improved blood sugar control and improved cholesterol levels.



Semaglutide is a prescription medication showing great success for substantial weight loss as well as long-term weight management maintenance. It is an FDA-approved once-weekly subcutaneous injection that helps with weight loss when used in combination with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity.

Semaglutide mimics a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), which sends a signal to the brain to say "I am full". It does this by slowing down the digestive process and it delays gastric emptying, which promotes a feeling of fullness. In other words, it helps you feel full sooner, which helps you consume less food and it helps you stay full longer so you won’t want to eat or snack again too soon which can lead to increase calorie consumption. In addition to your blood sugar level being well controlled and regulated (aka glycemic control), your sensitivity to the hormone insulin improves, which helps to reduce cravings while promoting loss of body fat.

Several studies have shown significant weight loss for patients taking Semaglutide while reducing calorie intake. The largest clinical trial showed an average weight loss of 35lb (a 14.9% reduction from initial body weight) for people who used Semaglutide. This was shown to be five times more weight loss than those who reduced calorie intake and increased exercise alone. The use of Semaglutide is showing great promise in those struggling with weight loss and long term healthy weight management.

Semaglutide injections with the recommended diet plan with adequate calorie reduction as recommended by Luxe Women’s Health, will provide you with rapid success and the long-term results you desire to maintain your weight loss. Additionally, these measures may also help to create a healthier relationship with food choices as well as improve your overall lifestyle.

If you are looking for substantial results in your weight loss journey that many in Queen Creek have observed and benefitted from, contact Luxe Women’s Health for a consultation today. You can request an appointment on our website at or call our office to speak to our team so you too can learn more about the medical weight loss options we offer at Luxe Women’s Health in Queen Creek, Arizona where we provide OBGYN and primary care exclusively for women. Get the safe, affordable care and real weight loss results you deserve. We are located at the heart of Queen Creek at Ocotillo & Rittenhouse in the Queen Creek Professional Village where our team is waiting to assist you to a healthier you! 


HCG Diet

Our HCG Diet or medical weight loss diet in Queen Creek is a combination of both calorie restrictions and injections of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

HCG is a hormone that was first used in weight loss back in the 1950s.  It was established that this type of regimen helps burn up stored fat in the stomach, hips, and thighs. Unlike other diet plans that generally involve the loss of fat and muscle mass, the HCG diet doesn't cause muscle loss.

This diet plan doesn't only include HCG injections. Aside from this, the patient is also required to stick to a low-calorie diet where he/she eats approximately 500 calories per day over a certain period of time. HCG diet is usually done in three stages:

  • Phase 1 or the "loading phase" - The patient starts taking HCG and eating plenty of calories
  • Phase 2 or the "weight loss phase" - The patient continues with HCG but decreases the daily calorie intake to 500 calories for 3-6 weeks
  • Phase 3 or the "maintenance phase" – The patient stops taking HCG, gradually increases the daily calorie intake, and maintains healthier eating habits while avoiding sugar and starch.

Depending on your weight loss goals, your HCG journey can be quite different from other patients. To determine the precise medical weight loss diet plan, achieve optimum weight loss and avoid any adverse health effects, you will be working closely with our professional staff throughout your weight loss journey.