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You can overcome infertility issues with the help of Jennifer Wright-Bennion, CNM, APRN, at Luxe Women's Health. At the office in Queen Creek, Arizona, she takes an individualized approach to fertility treatments, focusing on your plans for a family and your medical history to determine if in-vitro fertilization or other fertility methods are right for you. Call the office or book an appointment online today to learn more about the available fertility treatments.

Fertility Q & A

When should I schedule a fertility appointment?

At Luxe Women's Health, Jennifer offers comprehensive and compassionate fertility services for women or couples who can’t conceive.

She recommends seeking a diagnostic fertility evaluation if you’ve been having unprotected sex for at least a year without conception. If you’re over 35, you might need fertility care if you’ve been trying to conceive for six months without success.

You should also speak with Jennifer if you can become pregnant but experience miscarriages.

What fertility services are available?

Luxe Women's Health offers a variety of diagnostic testing services to uncover the root cause of your fertility issues.

To help you conceive a healthy, viable pregnancy, Jennifer may recommend strategies like:

In-vitro fertilization (IVF)

IVF involves taking medications to mature your eggs. When the eggs are ready for fertilization, your provider retrieves the eggs through a minimally invasive procedure.

In a medical lab, the fertility specialist combines your eggs with sperm from your partner to encourage fertilization. Following successful fertilization, your provider implants the embryo directly into your uterus to achieve a pregnancy.

In-vitro fertilization with donor eggs

The in-vitro fertilization process works the same way, except your provider can use eggs from a donor if you’re not producing viable eggs because of your age or underlying health issues.

Luxe Women's Health prescreens the donor eggs. They also provide you with estrogen and progesterone hormones to line your menstrual cycle up with that of the egg donor. After egg retrieval and fertilization, your provider implants the resulting embryo into your uterus.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

IUI is a process to place sperm from your partner or a donor directly into your uterus during ovulation. Luxe Women's Health offers fertility tests to detect the luteinizing hormone (LH) that occurs before ovulation to time the procedure correctly and increase your chance of successful egg fertilization.

Luxe Women's Health also offers pregnancy tests to confirm the process was successful and continue to care for you and your baby through obstetrics services. You can depend on their guidance from conception to delivery and beyond.

Which infertility treatment is right for me?

Jennifer can determine which fertility treatment is a good fit for you and your partner by reviewing your medical history, your age, and your family planning goals.

In some cases, more than one IVF treatment is necessary to achieve a pregnancy. Your provider works closely with you to prepare your body for your IVF procedure and ensure optimal results.

If you need a diagnostic evaluation for fertility issues, call Luxe Women's Health or book a consultation online today.

Services & Treatments We Offer

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Hormone Pellet

Optimize and balance your hormones with long-acting and high effective natural bioidentical hormones. Customized hormones and doses just for you!

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Comprehensive and personalized care from an expert in woman's health before, during, and after menopause.

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Women's health and well-being specialist with a complete range of services, in a friendly, safe and supportive environment.

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Take control of your body and health. Discuss your options and find the right birth control method that fits your needs and goals.

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Primary and Preventive Care

Maintain good health and prevent illness with regular and consistent primary care. Comprehensive care services for women throughout every stage of their life.

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Detailed evaluations and customized treatments with a women's health professional experienced with polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Overcome infertility issues with the help of Jennifer Wright-Bennion, individualized approach to fertility treatments.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Find out how hormone therapy can effectively help you manage unpleasant menopausal symptoms and improve your quality of life.

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Weight Loss

Everyone's body and relationship to food is different. To meet weight loss goals and maintain a healthy weight, a highly customized and comprehensive weight loss program is required. We offer solutions through our medical weight loss services.